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Ukunili Dealership Program

Ukunili Ukulele Music is founded in 2015 to develop and sell musical instruments in Malaysia. This is the platform for people who would like to join our dealership. Until now, we are supported by lots of music teachers and music schools.



High commission with easy operate

Customers whoever buy the product from the website link that you give, you will receive 10% commission according to the price.


​Marketing + Remarketing


Customers who clicked the website link what you give, they will be bind for 30 days as your own customers

If they buy our product using another advertisement link provided by our official website, our system will identify the customers are under your ID because they are bind.


Customers whoever clicked our website link, our system will push the advertisement to them even they exited our website.

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No need to - store/package/send

After customers purchase the product, our staff will take action to do all the jobs. We will make sure the product that sending to customers is no defect, wrap nicely and send to the correct address.


Reason for choosing us


Our mission is to provide high-quality products and good customer service.

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Branded Product, Quality Assurance

Our average monthly sales are reaching 500 Ukulele, 400 Guitars, and 200 Kalimba. These branded companies are producing high-quality musical instruments.

Ukunili Ukulele

is a high-developing musical instruments company, we go through 6 years to develop.


Now, we are general agency of:

UMA Ukulele Taiwan, Adela Ukulele, Walter Kalimba

Other brand agency:

Nova Ukulele, HLURU Kalimba, TODO Ukulele, and ect.

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Enjoy our services and benefits

First musical instrument shop offer engraving service for Ukulele and Kalimba.

Experience in arrange and design engraving.

Update our promotion monthly to attract customers.


Completed Official Website & Onlind Shop

Our online shop starts from 2015.

As our company operate about 6 years, we have completed official website and online shop systems. Customers will get the advertisement from Google, Facebook, and Instagram.


Free to become dealership. No fees, no contract.

Registered dealership ID will go to our backend system. You can receive your dealership link in it.

Only free for Music schools and music teachers.

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Learn to Register as Dealership

More benefts

Promote music


We will priority promote music teachers who are the dealership to customers.

Webpage for


music teacher

After that, your information will be key in to our agency system. Then, you can start selling our product by using your own shop/online shop.

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