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Personalise your ukulele

by using laser Engraving ,

We design an Ukulele that just belongs to you

Free engraving name | logo | pictures

Average monthly

500 Name Engraved Ukulele sold

Exclusive design for you

Received 99.99% customer satisfaction Reviews


Ukunili Ukulele

using advanced Laser engraving technology

Make your design unrestricted

can engrave your design

on any part of the ukulele


Buy 1 Wooden Ukulele

Free Engraving 

​Free Ukulele Bag

Free Ukulele Capo


Free Tuning apps & course

Free Chord Chart

Free Delivery West Malaysia

    (West Malaysia Shipping Fee RM25)

​How to choose a good Ukule​le

We strictly select the wood material

Every ukulele is thoroughly tested

The perfect 2.5mm distance between strings and the fretboard

So that you won’t hurt yourelf by pressing onto the string


The edge of the fretboard is polished to

make sure the fretboard edges are smooth and not sharp .

No damage to your hand when changing Chords .


​The spruce braces structure inside the body is

Strengthened to an overall sound balance which

makes the strings to produce same loudness of sound


*Wooden Ukulele can Engrave up to 30 alphabets(Laser Engraving),
Color Ukulele Can not be Engrave

*Engraving Size Max is 10 cm x 10 cm ,A Gift for your Love is a Special design Ukulele,Let him/her remember your love every time touch it

Step 1: Choose An Ukulele 

Step 2: Send Us Engrave Message

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