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Free design, engraving and customizing Ukulele with own name/logo/picture.

Average monthly sales more than 500 engravings.

We engrave an ukulele just below to you

Ukunili Ukulele Music Malaysia

We using advanced laser engraving technology
Make your design unrestricted and can engrave your design on any part of the ukulele
Whether it is the body, the neck, or the back of the ukulele, there is no problem

original 49.jpg

You think about it!!

piano with its own name

playing a song

How Professional!​

What's more, design it yourself

one-of-a-kind piano

​How to choose a good Ukule​le We strictly select the material of the wood

and every ukulele is strictly tested


The strings have a perfect 2.5mm distance from the fretboard, so you don't feel pain when pressing the strings


The highly polished edge of the fretboard makes the edge smooth and non-irritating, and will not hurt the skin when changing Chords

​The body is attached with black tuners, allowing you to easily use the shoulder strap to play ukulele easily


Now buy online in addition to engraving
We also include free accessories for beginners
Total value (Rm 127) free for you

*Free engraving
*Free piano bag
*Free capo
*Free eBook
*Free tuning apps & course
*Free Chord Chart​
*Free postage (West Malaysia)

*Ukulele above RM200


Best Selling Beginners 2021/2022
Ukunili 2630M, the most classic and minimalist design
Customers like his blank design, easy to design and engrave their own pattern on it
The price is convenient and relatively cheap, which is acceptable to the public


Popular Style Recommend

Best Selling Midrange, Uma 03C
A single Ukulele with a mahogany body

Uma is from Taiwan and has very good quality
A very affordable brand

adela logo.png

The most special midrange, Adela Meow C
It is also a single UKulele, with a unique cat Logo

The cat handprint design on the fingerboard is the most popular design by girls

*Engraving size can be up to 10 cm x 10 cm, give yourself/lover a uniquely designed Ukulele, you will remember your love and care when you practice every day

Step 1 Buy a wooden ukulele:

Step 2 gives us the engraved content:

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UkuleleMalaysia logo.png
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