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This is something More than a Toys
Mini Piano


Do you still have memories from age 1 to 4?
we almost forgot everything
But i still remember my Piano Journey with my mum 
Remember when i was kids, mum always accompany me with this mini piano.
She hold my hand and taught me

At an age with little memory
I remember the piano lesson taught by my mother

I will always remember the days of music enlightenment
It was mum's accompany that made me fall in love with music


If you want your child to be exposed to the piano at their early age

Inspire their interest in piano

to Start their

beautiful music Journey

This mini piano is
More valuable than toys


3.MINI BK(E).jpg
4.MINI RED(E).jpg WT(E).jpg
5.MINI PINK(E).jpg

25 keys is enough for

piano beginners age 1 to 5

Most piano enlightenment
just needs to be used 25 keys

This Mini piano sound close to a

real piano

it have same sound as the real piano

The keyboard have

heavy hammer like actual piano

It's a mini version of the real piano

mini Piano Video Sound Demo

Screenshot 2019-11-30 at 1.36.53 AM.png

Mini Piano is made by solid wood​
weight 4.5 Kg, dimension 40cm x 29cm x 25 cm

Batteries supply,4 x AA batteries

Retail Price ~   RM 399

now buy get 20% discount​
~ RM319

Free Delivery (West Malaysia)
(price 50)

Free  Parent-child teaching piano music sheet cards


2 year old cute baby
imitate playing piano

You will get a Free Parent-child teaching piano music sheet cards & 4 X AA BATTERY after purchase!!

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