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How to buy ukuleles: Ukulele buying guide for 2023

How to buy Ukulele

-Search Ukulele on Google, you can find more than 100 different brands, models, sizes and prices.

-Ukulele buying guide will show you how to find a high-quality ukulele that can meet your needs and fit your budget.

Choose price range and size

-We recommend that you first determine the price range and the size of the ukulele to narrow down the ukulele that suit you. Once these two factors are determined, choosing Ukulele will become easier.

-Quality Ukulele for beginner in the price range of RM 200-300 sound softer and warmer comfortable to play. Of course increase the price range to get a better ukulele in sound, Wood texture, Bag

​Why it look the same, but the price is different?

· Exquisite inlay and shell decoration

· Better handcraft and playability

· High-grade imported wood and materials

· Solid wood top, back and sides (used to improve        sound tone and extend the sound sustainable)

· EQ Added, Can be linked to the speaker to play


Avoid buying cheap and inferior ukuleles

-Buying ukuleles online at RM50-100 looks very tempting. After all, these cheap ukuleles usually don’t look much different (in picture) from expensive ukuleles, especially photos, but they are used low quality materials like paints are not safe and not evenly sprayed on the surface

Don’t think about this kind of ukulele when you are an ukulele serious player.  The sound is very toy. (plastic sound, no sustain and ​low volume)

​the real Ukulele has a special brace design inside the ukulele

Cheap ukulele don't have brace inside the ukulele to cut cost in material and shortest making process



*Cheap ukulele don’t have these         'BRACE' inside

Cheap Ukulele Quality Problem

-Unfortunately, it is easy to encounter serious problems in this price range, which affect the tone and make it difficult to play.


-We believe that many very cheap ukuleles are not actual musical instruments at all. And the sound is very similar to a toy, the cheaper the price, the greater your chances of getting into trouble(wasting your money)

-The large distance between the strings and the fingerboard (we call it action) causes beginner player feel painful and difficult to get the right sound when leaning the ukulele.


​*Inexpensive ukulele with higher string distance

Cheap ukuleles will wipe out interest in music

High Action Ukulele

-Players who buy ultra-cheap ukuleles usually feel sad because this is not what they want when learning a new instrument!

-You can get a high-quality beginner ukulele with just a little more money, which will be fun to play and will stimulate your interest in learning


-Many people will regret it immediately after buying a price of around RM70, and then spend money to buy another ukulele worth more than RM200.

This is equivalent to spending twice.

Choose ukulele size

-There are 3 sizes of Ukulele, but the most common are 21 inches Soprano, 23 inches Concert and 26 inches Tenor. Any of these sizes is suitable for beginners, but usually we recommend 23 inches. Some beginner buyers don't know how to choose the size. Don't worry, we make sure it will not be complicated!

ukulele size.png

How the size of the ukulele affects the pitch

-Longer ukulele will have more frets means it have more tones (Note). The 23-inch and 26-inch ukulele will have a warmer sound than the 21-inch ukulele, and the sound quality will be richer and more resonant. A larger body size will also produce more bass and louder sound.

The -21-inch ukulele will be quieter, and high pitch which is sharper sound

How the size of the ukulele affects playability

-Longer neck means that the ukulele fret is more open, giving your fingers more space during changing chord or notes. This means that 23-inch and 26-inch ukulele are easier to play because of their longer neck.

The -21-inch ukulele character may be somewhat limited for some players, especially for players with larger or thicker fingers, it will be more difficult to play.

23 lenght(E).png

Which ukulele size is best for beginners?

-We think any of these sizes is suitable for beginners, but players over 10 years old recommend 23 inches.  It make you more comfortable to hold it and has a rich tone and is comfortable to play, making it an ideal choice for most beginners.

-However, 21-inch ukulele is more suitable for players under the age of 10, because smaller children will be more comfortable to hold up a 21-inch ukulele.  Their little hand will feel more comfortable during pressing the note

-Usually if have to learn other musical instruments, such as guitar or violin. We would suggest to take 26 inches. Because you will be a very fast learner and the taller person are also suitable for the 26-inch ukulele.

Kind of ukulele recommended

-After narrowing down the search by price and size

-The following are some of our recommended styles with entry prices ranging from RM169 to RM250. These are ukuleles with good entry quality, and they are very popular in terms of playability, tone and customer and student reviews.

Best seller Brand:  UKUNILI - design for beginner

-Ukunili Ukulele (Malaysia Brand) is the famous and best-selling ukulele in our shop

-Mainly designed for beginners, many customers will choose the UKUNILI brand for their first ukulele.

-Ukunili ukulele quality and price are very reasonable and affordable, the tone are warm and loud, suitable for strumming and singing

​Ukuleles with middle to high-end Quality:

-Why is the Solid Top Ukulele better?  because solid top ukulele produce clean, warmer and louder than plywood, but solid top ukulele are more expensive than plywood.

-The UMA UKULELE brand is a famous Ukulele brand in Taiwan. It is highly recommended by many Malaysia's ukulele teachers and it has 8 year history in Malaysia. It is many school teachers and advance player 1st choice ukulele.

-UMA-05SC/06SC is best seller Solid Top ukulele in Malaysia market.  It has warm bright sound and and using grade AA quality wood, which is good for beginners and intermediate player too.

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