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因为Ukulele用的是新的尼龙弦, 初使调弦拉伸很大,弦线拉力未到,




唯一的方法是,每次弹奏前查看琴弦走音吗, 开始几天多多调音,过两三天就会有明显的改善了


Why New Ukulele always Out of Tune???!!

A lot of people were excited with their new ukulele,


but found out his ukulele always out of tuned. In fact, this is a normal phenomenon, because that is a new nylon string, Usually with new strings, you will find that they stretch out over a period of a few days.


The only solution is every time before you start playing ukulele, check it with chromatic tuner. tune the ukulele for first few days, After two or three days there will be a significant improvement.ukulele

Ukulele is easy out of tune, you need to tuned about 20 Time to make it stable

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